Versicherix AG

Its vision is to create the next model for the Insurance Industry based on the real crowd need, privacy, decentralization technologies, and full automatization.
We are technology driven. Combining Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and much more to provide the next generation tools and services.
Its wish is to deliver instruments to enable insurance coverage to everyone by simplifying insurance interactions, providing micro-insurances, and make the customer journey in the insurance world understandable, user-friendly, and entertaining.
Blockchain Technology Advisor | 08.2017 - Present
Head of Blockchain Technology and Innovation | 10.2016 - 07.2017
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Its mission was to provide the first legal SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) in Switzerland, and the most complete platform on the market. Watch an unlimited amount of movies and tv-shows for a monthly fee, as well as digitize and share their already owned physical copyrighted content.
CEO | 03.2013 - 10.2015


The world premiere free service to share online your digitally owned Movies and TV-Shows with your familial circle.
CEO | 01.2010 - 02.2013

Penguin Federation

A nonprofit organization engaged to create and promote an entirely autonomous and self-subsistent technology-based utopian future for a universal civilization ascension.
We are aiming at building a tomorrow where technology and artificial intelligence is in charge of the harmony between humans and the environment they are living in. By this mean, we target to provide the tools to humankind to reach their full cultural potential and self-fulfillment. And as an end goal, to accelerate the raising of our civilization.
Executive Director | 09.2002 - Present
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Rocla Matrix

A nonprofit organization, which was engaged in promoting anything related to life benefit and to building a utopian future.
President | 01.2002 - 08.2017