Launch of Claret.Tech

Romain Claret launched his professional website.

What the website is about?

At the current point in my career, a website dedicated to my professional life is needed. Indeed, here you can find everything related to my professional activities and passions related to my person. To summarize what you can find on this website at this point.

  • Homepage, where you can find all my information
  • A blog, where you can read posts like this one about my fields of activity
  • A paper page, where you can find and download all my publicly released documents and whitepapers
  • A Involvements page, where you can find the list of companies and organizations I am involved with
  • A press page, where you can find articles I am mentioned in
  • A media page, where you can watch video or download pictures of me
  • A contact form

Signing off

Best regards to you, Romain